We find Terschelling the nicest, most exciting and most active Wadden Island. On the Wadden Islands the sun shines more often than on the mainland. You can walk and enjoy the tranquility of the extensive beaches, the Boschplaat and the mudflats. The Boschplaat is the darkest spot in the Netherlands, where you can see the Milky Way and sometimes even the Northern Lights. At the mudflats you can find your own meal at low tide.

Throughout the year there are many sporting and cultural events on Terschelling. Such as the MTB Noordsvaardertocht in February, the Fjoertoer in April, Oerol in June, the Rock and Roll festival in September, the Berenloop and the film festival in November.

The kilometer-long beaches are a large playground, where children with parents build sandcastles, where they fly, run, cycle, get in touch and walk.
In the summer you can pick your own fruit in the self-picking garden in Hoorn.

In the autumn it is time to pick the cranberries in the dunes.

Summarized: It is 365 days a year a party to stay on Terschelling.